Hello! Here are some facts about me.

  • Ariana Ferrone
  • Toronto, ON
  • Year of the Snake

I’m a YA writer and librarian.

I’ve been a big reader ever since I was young, and began writing stories when I was in grade school. I began taking my craft more seriously in high school, and went on to publish a short story, join a selective and exclusionary writing class in university, and write a creative writing thesis called Nevermilk.

I am passionate about YA fantasy and love a good villain. I am a speed reader and can easily crush a couple of books a week. My current manuscripts are all a little dark, a little fun, and a lot weird.


Soon after, I became a librarian. The process is dark and should never be spoken of. Since then I have worked in nonprofit organizations, public libraries, and school libraries. I’m happiest when I am doing story time, organizing author visits, and helping my community.