Hello! Here are some facts about me.

  • Ariana Ferrone
  • Living in Toronto
  • Year of the Snake
  • Mixed race and chronically ill

I’m a YA writer and librarian.

I’ve been a Big Reader ever since I was young (and an early writer). I began writing stories when I was in grade school and even got an honourable mention for a Christmas-themed short story in a city wide competition, despite being one of the youngest applicants. I began taking my craft more seriously in high school, and went on to publish a short story, beat out 100 other applicants for a spot in a highly coveted 24-person writing course, and write a creative writing thesis in my undergrad called Nevermilk. I’ve attended a MadCap retreat run by incredible YA author Natalie C. Parker and learned from Marie Lu, Tessa Gratton, Dhonielle Clayton, and Laurie Halse Anderson.

I am absolutely obsessed with YA fantasy and am almost always into the villain. I am a speed reader and can easily crush a couple of books a week – something that comes in super handy during my day job! My current manuscripts are all a little dark, a little fun, and a lot weird.

During the day, I’m a librarian. I’ve worked in nonprofit organizations, public libraries, and school libraries, and have always prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion in each workplace. I’m happiest when I am doing story time, organizing author visits, and helping my community. I’m thrilled to say that I’m now in a position where I can make sustainable, impactful change for my community members, especially the vulnerable population.

My dream of becoming a published author has sustained me for a long time, but you can’t live on dreams forever. I want the grit and the raw and the real and I hope you watch me as I get there, and feel the ground for the first time.